Enamel Tumblers can be laser engraved in-store while you wait or ordered online. If you would like to customise your tumbler, you will need to select the colour option you'd like under the 'style tab' and then the 'customised' option from the 'Finish' tab. Email your desired text/image to info@fromehardware.com.

Laser engraved enamel appears as a hard-wearing vivid black etch which contrasts perfectly against the lighter enamel shell and can be etched from any design. Perfect for adventures outdoors or indoor.

Engraving placement can be;
- Up to 60 x 60mm facing out if held with the right hand
- Up to 60 x 60mm facing out if held with the left hand
- Up to 50mm diameter on base

Image requirements:
Any black and white image can be laser engraved either hand drawn or computer generated. Image quality should be 300dpi or greater and either .JPEG or .PDF

For bulk orders of x12 or above please contact us for a wholesale price.