Translated from Japanese Ryoba literally means double or both sides. 

The Ryoba style of saws includes two types of teeth for two different types of cutting. One side of the blade features small, fine teeth intended for cutting across the grain leaving a very fine, accurate cut. Spin the saw over and the teeth are much more aggressive and designed to quickly rip through and removes wood fibres when cutting in the same direction as the grain.     

This indispensable tool is the ideal choice in a workshop or toolbox. It offers a clean accurate cut and the ability to quickly and easily switch between fine crosscut and rip sawing. 

  • Blade length  250mm
  • Pitch  1.40mm (18TPI) & 1.5mm (16TPI)
  • Thickness - 0.50mm
  • Kerf - 0.70mm & 0.66mm

Currently only available online or click and collect.