Laser Cutting Commissions

A laser-cutter engraves your brand or message directly into the material or product itself, making a long-lasting, indelible, and tangible mark. It can be used to create customised products, packaging, signage and more; and on materials and fabrics ranging from wood and leather, to enamel and glass.


In addition to our own range of customizable products, we can also laser-cut your branding into your own products as well. If you are a small business owner and interested in a one-off or on-going commission then please do pop in and see us for a chat, or fill in the form below.

Previous Laser Cutting Clients include:
BANES, BBC Gardeners World, Bramble and Wild, Hoare Associates, Houses of Parliament, John Smith, Moo and Two, Nomad, Palmer Street Bottle, Resident and Screw fix.

Laser Enquiries


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