The larger of the folding joinery handsaws, The VIII is robust, durable and versatile. Its aluminium handle keeps it lightweight while the rubberised coating gives added comfort and grip whilst working. Like many Japanese saws the design features a piercing tooth on the front of the cutting edge, this allows a cut to be started in the centre of a panel which would allow the user to cut a window from the centre of a sheet of wood. The handle opens past 180 degrees to protect your fingers in awkward situations.

The 265mm utility blade is suitable for cutting both wood and plastics with ease and accuracy. 

  • Folded size 330mm x 70mm
  • Unfolded size 620mm x 55mm
  • Blade length 265mm
  • Blade Pitch 1.75mm (14 TPI) 
  • Blade Thickness 0.6 mm
  • Blade Kerf 0.92 mm