Upload file as 300dpi JPEG - please read design requirements below

Rubber stamps can be made from most images either hand drawn or computer generated and are great for branding, addresses, letterheads, wedding invitations or card making etc... We use an Eco-friendly laser-grade rubber mounted onto hand cut FSC certified hardwood handles. 

Design requirements;
Our stamps are made on our in-store laser cutter which is capable of engraving detail down to 0.25mm, however the rubber stamp itself may need the image to be bolder/thicker. As a rough guide its worth making sure that all your lines are around 1mm thick for the detail to come out.

  • A digital file is great, either a .PDF or .JPEG work well as long as the outlines are crisp, if you zoom in on the image and see pixellated lines then that is how it will appear as a stamp.
  • Black and white.
  • If scanned they must be at a good resolution, 300pdi or above is fine.
  • Avoid using text smaller than 4mm high